Our products are selected to meet dedicated applications:

  • Solution for connected objects:
    • Sensors / MCU / radio modules multi protocole.
  • Card-to-card and card output connection solutions.
  • EMI / RFI metallic interconnection solutions:
    • Sub-D/M12.
  • Energy management solutions:
    • Ferrite cores, transformers, TVS diodes, filters and capacitors.
  • Security solution:
    • Sensors and guided contact relay.
  • Tooling solution:
    • Crimping of cable end, manual and semi-automatic.
    • Selective wave machines and soldering stations.


Laser Particle Sensor Module HPM

This sensor measures PM2.5 and PM10 particles, with an accuracy of 15% obtained by its laser technology. It Consumes less than 20mA in stand-by mode and has a response time of less than 6 s. It is perfect for IOT solutions

Honeywell's HPM sensor is compliant with the ISO16890 air filter and ventilation classification system, which is becoming a standard

HPM has his SEK002 evaluation board available.